B at 11 months

I realize that no one but me will probably be interested in this post but I find this the best way for my scattered brain to chronicle life as it whooshes past me. So, because this information is only exciting or pertinent to Braxton’s mama (and because this is definitely a co-out of a post) I am letting you opt out of reading further right now. If you continue, be prepared for gratuitous pictures of my kids. You were not without warning.
Busy. Smiley. A profession bottom lip sucker. Explorative. Recently infatuated with Daddy. 5 teeth and working on 3 more. Babbling all the time. You sing along with Hayleigh. You think peek-a-boo is the funniest thing on the planet. Love to hug. Sitting better for stories. New words: up, dog, vroom. Finally sleeping well without reflux meds. You are weaned and take formula from sippy cup, except in the evening when you still want a bottle. Working on a pretty sweet mullet. Can throw a ball almost as far as Hayleigh. You love to play with cars, especially your ramp set. Into everything, as in destroying/throwing everything you can find. You are so strong. The other day you were in your feeding seat and one of Hayleigh’s plastic chairs was next to you and you leaned over the edge of your seat and picked the chair up off the ground with one hand. You idolize Hayleigh and want to play with her all the time.  Still crawling but you can stand on your own and you walk holding onto just one of my fingers until I let go and you get so excited you fall/dive.
Oh, how I love you, my sweet boy!
And just two of sissy because I can’t resist.
IMG_1597 IMG_1598

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