Some days

Some days I feel overwhelmed. Some days I feel sorry for myself. I get cabin fever. I get stressed out, burned out, fed up. Sometimes I lose my temper. Sometimes I cry for no apparent reason. Sometimes I envy other 24 year olds who don’t have the commitments that I do, who can be free to travel, have a social life, go on shopping sprees that don’t begin and end in the baby and toddler sections. But then I look at these faces.

 IMG_03052      IMG_00712
All the other thoughts and feelings disappear and I am lost in the beauty and wonder of seeing the world through their eyes.

  IMG_03282 IMG_02242

Some days I just can’t believe they are mine.

IMG_03072 IMG_00762
Some days I wonder how I ever lived without them.

IMG_03032 IMG_03312
Sometimes I think my heart is going to swell and burst with joy as I listen to them laugh.

IMG_03002  IMG_02302
Sometimes I melt into a puddle when I hear this little angel call me “Mommy”.
Some days I cringe at the thought of when he will get to old to hug and kiss me with wreckless abandon.

Sometimes holding the tiniest hands and listening to the smallest heart beat provide more comfort than a lifetime of consoling words.

IMG_0241 IMG_0288sephia
Sometimes all it takes to give me perspective is to look at these faces.


  1. Emily..I almost cried reading this... yeah kids do that to your clan !!!


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