One more day!

This week has been, (how can I say it without completely exaggerating?), insanely-epically-ridiculously-sickeningly-taxingly-crazy. There. That description was not over the top at all. No, but in all seriousness, this week has been crazy for me. This is my final week of classes in a semester that I knew from before it began I would be lucky to get out of without drowning. I cannot wait until tomorrow evening when I can be completely done, (after I give a super interesting, not at all depressing speech on child abuse.) Clearly I get sarcastic when I am burnt out and exhausted. I was really feeling the stress of my work load this week, on top of the slew of Christmas things I have to get done and my normal to-do list.
I have not even had time to read a single blog this week, much less write a post myself or even attempt a project. My house looks like a bomb went off. Just ask Erin. She has seen it. Dinners have consisted of nice mixture of take out, scrambled eggs and spaghetti. Some weeks are like that, I guess.
I also realized I had not taken a single picture of my kids all week. So, in an attempt to keep myself sane I took a little break from being holed up in the office, while my kids watched way too much Sesame Street, to just play. It is a shame that adults don’t play more because it is super therapeutic and also just pretty darn fun. Who knew a little game of peek-a-boo was just what this stressed out, burned out, Mama needed. I think they did.

IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0508
IMG_0480 IMG_0496_picnik

If you knew what time of day it was when I took these pictures you would most likely be judging me for the fact that Braxton is still in his pjs. But like I said, some weeks are like that. I am so ready to be done with school for a month and to give my jumbled brain a chance to tidy itself up. (Hey, maybe my house could tidy itself up too!) This weekend is also cookie baking weekend! I can’t wait! One more day!

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