Magnetic Scrabble letter Message Board


Scrabble letters are pretty popular these days. I think it is quirky way to spell out messages. Well before the scrabble letter craze my husband’s family members were scrabble enthusiasts, especially my father in law. As much as a I love writing and word crafting I just cannot stand the game. I haven’t quite figured out why, maybe because I am awful at spelling. Whenever they play I am on Peter’s team and am the designated letter-drawer because that is about all I am good for. As a tribute to his love for scrabble, I made this magnetic scrabble letter message board for my Father in law for Christmas.

It was easy-peasy and fun to make! (I had much more fun with this than the game, I must say.) All did was buy a big frame (14x10 I think) and spray the glass with magnetic spray paint. As a tip, if you have never used the magnetic spray paint, it takes A LOT of paint to get a strong magnetic connection. I did 8 or 9 coats of the stuff and was still a little disappointed at the lack of magnetic pull. So, if you attempt this or a similar project be ready to use nearly the entire can of the stuff. I found the scrabble letters online. All the listing said was “100 scrabble letters” so I was nervous that all the letters would not be included, you know that the shipment would come with all the letter “A” or something, but it was a complete set, even including 2 blank tiles! Then I cut pieces of self-adhesive magnetic strips and attached them to the back of the tiles. And viola! A Christmas present that screamed my father in law. He immediately began spelling words with it, a true scrabble maniac! He says he plans to practice on his trick words for the next family game night. Maybe this gift will backfire on me.



  1. What did you put on the Scrabble tiles themselves to be magnetic? :)

  2. Found you on Skip to my Lou. Such a fantastic post and I love the smile on his face!!! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?


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