A letter to my son

B-boy, you turned 10 months old on Christmas Eve! I cannot even believe how much you have changed in the past month. Don’t even get me started on the fact that you are creeping up on a YEAR OLD! How is that even possible!?! You are such a fun little guy. You are playing more and more. I love your little games and your sweet, drooly smile. (Your chin is almost never void of drool.)Your hugs and kisses are one of the highlights of my day. You are so much more active, as well. You have a fascination with anywhere you are not supposed to be, mostly the kitchen which you are not allowed in unless someone is in there to keep you from killing yourself. Just the other day you knocked over the tote we had blocking the door to the kitchen (this is old news to you. It takes you about 2 seconds to move the tote) and also a chair we had put behind the tote to reinforce it. You then stood up and started walking pushing the tote and chair half-way across the kitchen. When you saw I was watching you, you just gave me one of your smiles and laughed.

IMG_0791 IMG_0790

You also have a game which you play with Nana. Whenever she makes a kissy face and starts slowly coming toward you, you get a little smirk and then lean in the rest of the way so she can smooch your cheek. You are such a lover! You are pretty laid back and quiet as long as people are around. You just love to be around people. I hope that never changes about you because it is such a quintessential part of who you are now. I know God made you to be that way. You light up whenever one of us comes in the room and go nuts when Daddy comes home from work. You adore watching Hayleigh and when she plays with you, you are star-struck and on cloud nine. I love to watch you together and see how much you each love each other in your own little ways. It makes my heart smile.


You say three words now. Your first word was “Da-da”. I don’t know who smiled bigger when you said it, you or Daddy. You call me “Bob-Bob”, which I count as a word, because although its no “Mama” you use it to refer to me and you get so darn proud of yourself when you say it. Hayleigh always laughs hysterically and corrects you saying, “You don’t call her Bob-bob! Her name is Mommy! Say ma-ma, B!” You also say “hi” or actually “haaaaaaah” when you wave. I love to see your proud excited smile when you know you have said a word.


You still have just two teeth. I have been waiting for months for the next ones. I am writing this letter a day before you turn 10 months, so two days before Christmas, and I am wondering if maybe you will be like your sister a wait forever to sprout a tooth on Christmas. Your favorite foods are peas, squash, banana, cheese, and eggs. It is funny though because you don't show much of a reaction to foods as far as getting excited. You do love your protein though! In fact you won't sleep well at night without either eggs or meat for dinner. What a manly man! You love playing with your sillytown toy, your mirror stage and also cars. It is so funny how from very young you loved things with wheels. You can even push yourself across the room riding the ride on toy. You just need a spotter for some help with the occasional balance issue. You still do your "work-outs" where you grab onto something in front of you with both arms (like the ottoman or a shopping cart handle) and rock back and forth and yell. You also have the "hallelujah" dance move down pat where you put your hand up in the air and close your eyes, lower your head and shake your head along with the music. It is hilarious! I also think you are left handed. You eat with your left hand and are preferential to that hand in other things as well. Interesting. I will have to wait and see if you are a lefty like your Aunt Jayna and Uncle Aaron.
I love watching you learning, growing and developing. It never gets old. Your personality is so unique from your sisters and so incredibly lovable and irresistable. I love to just nuzzle and eat up your cheeks. There are really few things that give me more satisfaction than a good cuddle with you my sweet boy. You are such a light in our lives. I love to see your love for others and your happy, sweet disposition. I cannot wait to see how God continues to mold you and shape you into the person He plans for you to be. I love you so much.

10 months or 10 years?! Geez.

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