Cookie Baking 2011

We did it! We made it to 1,000 cookies! Actually, we made 1,189 to be precise. It was 2 days. 21.5 hours, 17 varieties, and 99 dozen (plus 1) cookies! (Next year maybe we go for 100 dozen?!) It was so much fun, with lots of laughs, lots of memories, lots of sugar and some seriously aching feet. Saturday we (by we I mean me and my mom and fellow marathon baker) went to my grandma’s house, which is about an hour and change away. Hayleigh came with us and my cousin’s son Gregory was there as well. Hayleigh was eager to help bake, and she was a very big help. Her favorite cut-out shape to make was a bell. She said she made a bell “because we didn’t have any Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella cookie cutters”. I think she may have been a bit confused about the difference between a Christmas bell and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but that’s cool. She insisted on making her cookies with pink sugar, rather than the traditional Christmas colors.

IMG_0597 IMG_0634_picnik
IMG_0606 IMG_0600
IMG_0613 (2) IMG_0598
IMG_0616 IMG_0604
IMG_0619 IMG_0608
IMG_0632 IMG_0633

On Sunday I went to my mom’s and we put on our big girl pants and worked all day as well. Sunday has come to be known as the “productive day” because we do 2/3rds of the cookies on Sunday and little helpers, however sweet and well intentioned stay home with Daddy. My sister Rylie also helped us for a few hours. However exhausting it may get to bake non-stop for this many hours (I actually took a brief snooze on the mixer this year, while whipping up a batch of Pumpkin Cookies), it is without a doubt my favorite weekend of the year. I love the tradition of it and the memories we make along with the delicious cookies. It is something I am proud that we never have given up despite life changes over the years. Maybe someday this will be something that I carry on to do with my grandchildren.

IMG_0649 IMG_0651
IMG_0654 IMG_0659
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