3 Days 3 Ways: Cupcake Liner Christmas Décor {Day 3}

I had seen projects similar to this where people cut out circles of scrapbook paper, book pages etc. and coupled them with cupcake liners to make a fun and quirky garland. I figured why not make something like this for the mantle in our office? So I started cutting out circles while watching the Syracuse Basketball team beat Florida Friday night.

I could probably get away with blaming my lop-sided “circles” on the fact that I was distracted by the game but in reality that is not the reason they look so wonky. (Hi. My name is Emily and I cannot cut out a perfect circle to save my life.)

But I pressed on. And on. And on. And on. Until my hands were cramping and begging for mercy. Until I was getting a little loopy and singing weird songs to myself. Until I was ready to throw the whole project across the room or into the garbage. If it weren’t for the fact that I had started this 3 days 3 ways thing I probably would have. But I finished it, kinda. I honestly have to say that eventually I became so bored and fed up with it that I stopped when the garland was much shorter than I had originally envisioned and now I am left with a “Blah” project that I am not even sure I will use. Oh well. That happens sometimes I guess! You can’t win them all. Although Syracuse sure has so far this season. ;) 
On another note, I did “win” a few battles this weekend. I was pretty productive on catching up on some cleaning and homework. Also, Braxton is finally back to pretty much himself again! The pink eye is gone and none of the rest of us got it! I don’t know how we managed that. And let me tell you I was nervous. Every time my eye itched I was paranoid that I was getting it and every time Hayleigh woke up with sleepy eyes I was ready to rush her to the Doctor to start on meds. I was very happy that “B” decided not to share the pink eye with us. It was also so nice to actually be able to sleep last night without being woken up by a poor sick boy but what was even nicer was seeing Braxton smile and hearing his adorable laugh last night. It had been far too long without hearing his hilarious and contagious little chortle. That is one thing that I am so happy he infects us with.

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