3 Days 3 Ways: Cupcake Liner Christmas Decor {Day 1}

“Be Merry” Snowflake Banner
I was feeling horribly sick this past week. (I am pretty glad I accomplished some projects over Thanksgiving and scheduled posts). My poor B-boy was sick as well. Actually he still he is. Now he has the dreaded pink eye. Blech! Along with feeling sick I was giving myself a bit of a pity party. We were supposed to have our annual marathon Christmas Cookie Baking weekend this weekend but we postponed it for fear Hayleigh or I, or both of us, will end up with pink eye. It is my favorite family tradition (cookie baking, not pink eye). Last year we baked 997 cookies…3 shy of a GRAND! This year we are going to top it! But that will have to wait until the threat of infection has passed. Also, tonight is a Christmas party with friends from church which we also have to miss. I know. I know. I could clearly be much worse than it is, but I am still getting over the disappointment. Also, when you spend 4-5 days barely functioning (think glued to the couch as much as a 9 month old and 2 1/2 year old will allow) it is quite remarkable how little gets done around your house. I am now surging with energy to play catch up with Christmas decorating, the mounds of laundry and clutter that have accumulated, homework (yuck), and various other things on the to-do list. So yeah, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed but also motivated!
This is the first project I tackled for the weekend in an effort to play catch up! It is super-easy-the perfect rebound project to check off so I can feel invigorated to do more! All I did was:
1.) layer cupcake liners which I cut to various sizes. I flattened them out a bit. The idea is to make them somewhat resemble snowflakes.
2.)Then I cut out circles out of book pages to fill the centers.
3.)Then I spelled out “be merry” with glittery alpha stickers.
4.)I gave a quick spray with glitter spray paint and glued to a piece of ribbon.
IMG_0119 IMG_0126

These are part of the mantle in our office which I not quite done yet. Hence the strategically taken pictures. Hopefully the mantle along with lots of other projects, homework and cleaning will be done by the end of this weekend. Also, I have two more days of fun cupcake liner projects. Stay tuned. :) Have a great weekend!
Oh, and thanks for letting me whine! I am feeling much better.

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