Turkey Corn Chowder

Isn’t it funny how different tastes and smells can bring a little bit of the past into our present in such an almost tangible way? When I was sick I remember my mom used to make this soup for me sometimes. The smell of it still provides such a sense of comfort and warmth for me. It is also perfect to make with Thanksgiving leftovers so I thought I would share the recipe.
Turkey Corn Chowder (serves 4)
2T butter or margarine
1t onion
1 medium potato (chopped)
1/2c celery (diced)
1c creamed corn
1c hot turkey stock
1c cooked turkey (cubed or shredded)
salt and pepper
1/8t paprika
1/8t ginger
1/2 c hot milk
1/2c hot half and half
2t parsley

Sauté onion until tender. Add potato, celery, corn, broth, and turkey. Cover and simmer 20 minutes. Add spices, milk and half and half. Heat thoroughly. 

Yum!! Perfect for this time of year! Enjoy!

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