Thanksgiving and 3/4s way to a year!

Don’t you just love my kids’ spirit of thankfulness and cooperation in this picture?! Nice. I had to laugh when this was the best we could muster. This year we headed to my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. We switch off years between my family and Peter’s family. It was really fun this year because there are lots of kids running around. There are six great -grandchildren now, five of them under three years old, so it makes for a busy house! It’s great to watch all the kids playing together. It reminds me of growing up visiting my grandma’s tiny house full of kids and toys. I know it brightens my grandma’s life to watch all the kids playing. Braxton has been drawn to her and loves to sit with her and touch her face. Hayleigh, on the other hand has always been a little leery, but this time we didn’t do any prompting or coaxing and Hayleigh talked to my grandma more than ever. She also spontaneously gave her a big hug which floored my grandma and almost brought her to tears. Leave it to Hayleigh to do things in her own time, as usual. Anyway, it was a hot day in the little house with the oven on all day and lots of people around, but it was nice. It was Thanksgiving and we have lots to be thankful for. Hopefully, I can keep this spirit of gratitude all year long.
It was also Braxton’s 9 month birthday! In some ways it feels like he has been around for so much longer than that and in other ways I still feel like he still should be a little baby. I am finding the passage of time a little easier to tolerate with him than with Hayleigh. I think that is because I know what fun lays ahead in the toddler years, not that I am not enjoying this stage as well. His personality is emerging more and more everyday. He is very chill and likes to take it all in. He loves people and has become more attached to me the older he has gotten. He is getting more mobile by the day as well and has already had more bruises on his little head than I think Hayleigh has ever gotten! Oh well. He is a boy I guess. And a pretty cute and happy one, I must say.
100_26912 100_26972
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family, friends, good food and lots to be thankful for.

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