A Thankful Turkey

Hayleigh and I made this Thankful Turkey last week. The body and head are made from twine and yarn wrapped Styrofoam balls. Each “feather” has something she told me she was thankful for.
We have been talking a lot about the things we are thankful for and that it is good to thank God for the things He has given us. This was a great visual for her to look at and remember the things she is thankful for. It also serves as very entertaining to Peter and I as we smile at the important things in the life of a not-yet-3-year old. Some of my favorites are “Macaroni, ice-cream and peanut butter sandwiches”, “horses and more horses”, “my play kitchen and basketball hoop”, "People", “God taking care of me when I am upset” and “taking care of my teeth”. On a sweeter note I couldn’t help but smile at the sweetness when her first answer was “BRAXTON!!” It will be fun to keep this and look back at her growth next Thanksgiving when she will be (gulp) nearing FOUR!
For tomorrow's Saw it {Loved it} Sunday I am planning on featuring other Turkey Crafts, some of which I hope to make with Hayleigh as well. You can never be too thankful right? Have a wonderful weekend!

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