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Last month we had some family photos done. We just got the CD in the mail on Saturday. We had seen less than half on facebook already, but I was still chomping at the bit to see the rest. I seriously stalked my mailbox. I even went out there (our mailbox is across the street) on Veteran's Day and was sorely disappointed when I remembered it was a Federal Holiday so there was no mail. (I mean no offense and only the deepest respect and appreciation to veterans; I am just an impatient person.) When they came I did a little dance and rushed the computer to look at them over and over, about 500 times. We plan to make it a yearly tradition to document the changes in our family. Peter and I agree it is something completely worth investing in. Here are a few of our favorites!
Family Portraits-5353
Family Portraits-5253
Family Portraits--7Family Portraits--12

Family Portraits-5237Family Portraits--17
Family Portraits--27
Family Portraits-5230Family Portraits-5388
Family Portraits-5213
Family Portraits--9
Family Portraits--10Family Portraits--3
                Family Portraits--2              Family Portraits--5 (2)
Family Portraits--23
Family Portraits--24
Family Portraits--29Family Portraits-5315
Family Portraits-5367Family Portraits-5383
            Family Portraits-5377                      Family Portraits--30
Family Portraits-5361
Okay, so that was more than a few. I am a little over eager. I can’t wait to create a gallery wall of some of these. Of coarse this would require actually picking a few favorites. 

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