I love my cheerful giver

Allow me to take a moment to “brag” about my sweet girl. Really I more praising God for the way He created her. This past weekend we put together a shoe box for Samaritan’s Purse. For anyone who doesn’t know they deliver shoe boxes full of gifts (toys, toiletries etc.) to children in third world countries who don’t receive Christmas gifts. They also share with them the message of God’s love and the Christmas story.
I had talked to Hayleigh about the importance of giving and that we give to other people because God has given so much to us. I told her we were going to get some Christmas presents for a little girl who didn’t have much money and didn’t get toys and things at Christmas. She was very enthusiastic about it. So, we were off for a date to get the stuff. I was a little leery taking her to the toy section that she may want to “give” a few gifts to herself. But, I was so wrong! She ran through the store saying “The girl would LOVE this!” and “I want to give the girl THIS, Mommy!” When we got to the check out she put the stuff up on the counter and beamed telling the cashier that these were presents for a little girl who lived far, far away. On the car ride home she was talking about talking about how happy the girl would be with her presents and that she would “probably jump up and down and smile too.” I explained again that we have so much and that this little girl doesn’t have a house like we have and clothes and food like we have. From the back seat I heard quiet sniffles, followed by sobbing (Hayleigh doesn’t do anything half way). I thought to myself, “okay, it has kicked in. She realized none of these toys are for her.” But again, she proved me wrong. Between sobs I heard my precious girl say “Mommy, the girl is so sad. I want to give her my bed so she can have a warm bed to sleep in”. Then it was my turn to cry.
I was dumbfounded at the generosity and selflessness of my not yet three year old. God has clearly given her such a heart for other people. It puts me to shame. Sometimes as a parent we teach and challenge our children, and sometimes they do the same for us. This was one of those instances where I was humbled and blessed by the little person God made my daughter to be. Right then and there I vowed that this Christmas I would put more of an effort than ever on focusing on Christ and giving to others. As I drove the rest of the way home fighting back tears and thanking God for the sensitive and caring heart He has given Hayleigh, I prayed that I would be able to follow her example in being a cheerful giver this season. Really, I want to follow the example of Christ while He was here on earth. I have read through the Gospels time and time again, and know what God did for me that first Christmas thousands of years ago, in sending His son in the flesh. I guess it just took another gift from Heaven sent in the flesh (Hayleigh), for me to be reminded of the attitude with which I am supposed to give.


  1. I too love that cheerful giver. What a sweet soul she has. It IS funny how a lot of times as parents we need the lessons more than the kids. I am so inspired to do the same thing with Brynlee... you are so amazing. Miss you.

  2. Almost every time I read your blog I cry. I don't think my son would react that way :(
    So amazing.


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