Penicillin, Procrastination and Pumpkins

Things have been a bit hectic in our home lately. Last week we took Braxton to the Doctor because he was being exceptionally fussy and snotty. He got his first two teeth last week as well (!) so I chalked the fevers and almost unbearable, constant screaming up to that but wanted just to make sure he did not have an ear infection. When the Doctor looked at his ears he said that one of them had been infected and the ear drum hada hole popped in it from the pressure. Nice. While my poor boy was screaming and crying out for help I was assuming it was his teeth and his usual horrible sleeping skills. Meanwhile he had such bad pressure in his ears that one actually burst a bit. Mother of the year. Anyway, I guess these things fix themselves (the ear drum that is, my motherly guilt is not so easily healed) and he will be fine with some antibiotics. Actually, he is much better already. He is back to his smiley, lovey, still crappy sleeper self.(There is no Ferber-izing this kid!) Hayleigh has also decided that she is going to bring the 2 1/2 year old drama big time lately. Girls! There have been lots of hysterics over the most ridiculous things, including rain getting on her new coat, and a banana having one of those stringy banana things still on it. Sweet.
I found out that some assignments I submitted for school did not submit correctly and need to be entirely re-done. Fabulous. I also have a large research paper due at the beginning of next week. (Am I starting to sound like the boy from the book "A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" yet?) Sleep deprivation makes it really hard to be motivated to work on homework. It is also pretty distracting that it happens to be Fall and there are five million things I would like to do either around the house or out and about as a family. So really, who wants to sit and do a research paper? So instead I made these decoupaged pumpkins that I saw on Tatertots and Jello.

I fell in love with her pumpkins instantly when I saw them. They are chevron patterned and gorgeous, but I chose hounds tooth (which I am normally not fond of...hmmm) and a fun geometric pattern for mine (I don't know the official name). I was nervous about decoupaging on a three dimensional object, especially one with as many ridges as a pumpkin, but it worked out better than I expected. I still had a few wrinkles on one of them. I decided that I would be okay with that as long as I chose where the inevitable wrinkles would sit on the pumpkin, by guiding them with my sponge. I really love how they look with my throw pillows.

They were the perfect distraction from my stress and also were very helpful in my never ending quest to procrastinate. Thanks pumpkins! :)

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