Fall Bucket List: Go on a Date

I have been a bit M.I.A lately. But I have good reason! It was the last week of my 8 week classes so I was drowning in work, then Peter and I went on a very spur of the moment over night trip which was awesome but I started feeling sick on the way home and spent the next two days sick in bed. Well, I am better now, have a week off of school and I am back in business! Hopefully I can FINALLY get my pumpkin display done this week. It is one of those projects that never ends...it just goes on and on my friends. (okay, lame, I know.) In the meantime here is a bit about our trip to Lake George.
Let me just start off by saying that I tend to be a bit impulsive, as in when I get it in my head that I want something I kind of obsess about it until I either get it or I can replace the impulse with another thought. This is not exactly healthy, I know. I don't tend to have over-the-top or naughty impulses though, if that makes it any better. I am talking more about a new hair color, for those of you who may be silently judging me. :) Anyway, I was, as my dad sometimes says, "up to my eyeballs in alligators" with school and such when I saw an email with a great hotel offer for Lake George. (This is where we went on our honeymoon so it holds a very special place in our hearts.) The deal was for the next day only. So what did I do? I thought of how amazing the Fall colors would be this time of year. I thought of how fun it would be to be spontaneous. I thought that my classes were ending the next day and how we actually had a Saturday with nothing planned. And I booked it. And then I made arrangements for the kids to spend Friday night and all day Saturday with our parents. (Thank goodness they are so accommodating!) I didn't tell Peter where we were going. I just said to pack his bags because the next day we were going somewhere over night and it would take us 4-5 hours to get there.
The next day Peter left work early and we set off with him still not knowing where we were headed. He didn't figure it out until we were about 20 minutes away! I think it bothered me more than him though! I am so bad with secrets! I tried to distract myself with a little DC Talk, some Fall out Boy and Twizzlers Pull and Peel: Three Peter and Emily roadtrip staples. It was an absolutely perfect time. I could literally feel my shoulders lighten and my chest exhale as soon as I was out in  the mountain air.

We spent most of the day Saturday sitting in Adirondack chairs or on a bench just gazing at the spectacular view, talking and laughing.

I can't explain how peaceful this place makes me. Even Peter commented on how calm and happy I was (probably because I tend to be the anxious, neurotic type a lot of the time.)When we were there for our honeymoon (in early September 2007) we said how awesome it would be to come back just a few weeks or a month later once the trees had changed. Let me tell you, it was breathtaking.

Peter being Peter.
We even had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants from our honeymoon and coincidentally sat at the same table we sat at before. We were the only ones willing to brave the 50 degree weather and eat outside, but look at our view!

 It was supposed to rain but it held off until the very minute we got in our car to drive home, except for a few drops which was enough to give us a sight of a beautiful full rainbow. 

It was as relaxing as a full vacation. Yay for spontaneity, for beautiful landscapes and a sweet husband.

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