Craft Ease: Fall Banner from Distressed Tags

Originally this was a guest post over at Home Savvy A-Z but since I finally finished my pumpkin display and the banner is proudly hanging in front of it I thought I would share my tutorial for how to make one of your own!
"Happy Fall" Banner made from Distressed Tags

Here are the supplies you will need for this project:

1.) Tags (I got mine from a daily deal at Pick Your Plum. I just love them!)
2.) Jute Twine
3.) Distress Ink
4.) Alpha Stencil
5.) Fabric
6.) Scrapbook or card stock paper
7.) Acrylic Paint
8.) Paint Sponge
9.) Scissors
10.) Spray bottle of water (not glade air freshener, as the bottle says...hehe)
11.) Hot glue gun (not pictured)
12.) Fray Stop (not pictured and optional)

This may seem like a long list but I had most of these things laying around my house already. Okay, now that we have all the supplies, let's get going on this fun and festive project!

Step 1: Distress the Tags. Decide what you would like to spell out and count out a tag for each letter. Obviously I chose to say "Happy Fall" so I used nine tags. Take your tag and crumple it up so that it is wrinkled. Flatten it back out (sort of). Take the tag and dab it directly onto the Distress Ink ink pad. I used the shade "Tea Dye".

Feel free to be liberal with the ink. It dries much lighter than how it appears when it is first applied. 

Then take your spray bottle and lightly spray your inked tag.

The more water you use, the lighter the end result will be. Some pooling is okay, but try to avoid drowning your poor tag. Then repeat these steps with each tag and allow them to dry completely.

I actually inked and sprayed a second time because as my tags were drying I realized I wanted the color to be a bit darker and more distinct. It really is up to you how subtle (or not) you want the distressing to be.
Step Two: Assemble and Paint Letters. I chose to use scraps of fabric behind my letters to add some depth and color. Choose what pattern of fabric you would like to use and either cut or tear small squares in proportion to the size of your tags. I tore mine because I liked the shabby look.

Then cut smaller squares of card stock or scrapbook paper of your choice. I chose a tan textured piece of card stock. I was only slightly uniform in the sizes of these squares. I did not measure them, rather I eyed them. I also used scissors and intentionally did not cut perfectly straight lines. You can obviously choose to be more precise and use a paper-cutter.

Now it is time to paint your letters! I was (again) not precise about centering my letters. I also intentionally painted outside the lines (gasp!). This is the look I wanted but again you can do it however you want. That is the beauty of crafting right? Personalization.

Once the paint has dried, use your hot glue gun to glue the fabric to your tag and then your paper on top of the fabric square. I do not have a photo of this step but I am sure you get the idea.

Step Three: Build your Banner! I chose to use Jute Twine because it is 3-ply. Take a piece of twine and unravel the three strands.

Take one of the strands and snip small sections. You will use this to tie your tags to a long 3-ply piece of twine to make the banner. This is where you may want to use the Fray Stop on the ends of the twine.

Now cut a longer piece of 3-ply twine to use to hang the tags on for your banner. The length will of coarse depend on how long you want your banner. I took way too much to begin with and then trimmed off what I did not need. Then tie your tags onto the larger piece of twine.

Step Four: Embellish your Banner. I chose to use strips of fabric to decorate the banner.  I simply tore strips and tied them onto the twine. I knew I needed something to break up the words and add some more pizazz to my banner.

Okay, you are done! Now admire your awesome creation! Don't you just love the way it adds a touch of Fall to the house? I am going to hang mine from the front of a table where I am still in the midst of working on a pumpkin display.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. they look awesome:)

  2. What a sweet idea..I love it :)) I found ya over at craftomaniac linky party and had to stop in. I'm Marilyn via ..Officially following ya with smiles..Great blog..Hope you can stop in and visit sometime..Ty :))

  3. Love this -- I love the distress inks and the way you assembled this is just adorable!

  4. I love how this turned out! You are So creative!


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