Craft Ease: Fabric Scrap and Bead Necklace {Zero Dollar Project}

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I don’t know about other moms but lately I have been noticing how lacking my wardrobe is. I have actually found myself envying some of Hayleigh’s clothes. Kind of pitiful. With Christmas only two months away and my kids’ birthdays falling six and eight weeks after Christmas winter is a busy and expensive time of year for us. So sadly any additions to my wardrobe will probably consist of a few clearance finds and anything I can squeeze into repurpose from past seasons. In a last ditch effort to make an old shirt feel new I made this necklace out of old scraps of fabric and some beads from a bracelet I wore in high school, gave to Hayleigh to dress up with and she broke. As I scrambled to get the beads off the floor and away from small esophagus I decided to keep them rather than throw them out. And now they have new life. The best part about this necklace is the cost to me: a whopping ZERO dollars! Take that Holiday Budget!
Here is a little how-to. (I am still getting the hang of tutorials, so I apologize in advance if this is bad. I feel like I either give too few pictures/steps leaving too much to the imagination or too many and the tutorial seems more appropriate for a pre-schooler. I also apologize for the poor quality of the photos. My camera is about to bite the dust. If you have an “in” with Santa please let him know I would really like a nice new one for Christmas.) Okay, really, here is the tutorial.
Gather some scraps of fabric. You know the ones. The beauties that have been cut to shreds but for some reason you still stashed away and have just enough left for a project such as this. Their time has come. (I vacillate back and forth between loving colors and neutrals. Apparently today I was feeling me some color love.) Choose three different fabrics and either cut or tear three strips of each.
Braid the strips into three braids, leaving a bit of extra fabric on the ends. (At about this point I was remembering my braid and knot infinity scarf and wondering if this is too much like it.)
Then braid the three small braids together in one bigger braid. This will be the “chain” of your necklace so the length of these are up to you. Then take your beads and string them on some sturdy thread. Sew or tie the ends of the thread to the ends of your necklace, making a hoop.
Trim up the stray thread and excess fabric. Then cut small strips of fabric and wrap one around each “seam” where the fabric meets the beads and adhere with hot glue. This is where a photo would probably have been helpful. Then, if you want, you can make a fabric flower to either glue or pin to the necklace for some added flair.
101_1798 101_1823
And you are done! Easy peasy. What I love is the options that a project like this give you. There are so many different colors and patterns you could use, as well as different flowers you could try. I also love the idea of making one with either glass or wood beads. The possibilities are nearly endless, very unlike my sad little cold weather wardrobe.

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  1. So beautiful, friend! I love it. Thanks for the inspiration, and love you (and miss you) so much!

  2. I really love the mix of colors! Thanks for sharing this!

    The...Late, Young Family

  3. So cute! Love this idea. Visiting from TT&J :) I would love for you to link this up to my fashion party! It's called DIY Diva Thursdays and we party Th-M every week. Hope to see you!


  4. Very creative and it turned out fab! I would be delighted to have you stop by and link this up to my VIP party this weekend! Have a safe and happy halloween!

  5. This is awesome!! I love how simple it is! Yours turned out so cute!

  6. Love those beads! Very cute!



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