First Day of Fall!

Happy first day of FALL!!! I am 100% ready for this season in all its beauty and fun! I just love the crisp, cool air, ripe with the unique smell of fall. I love being able to spend time outside without feeling sweaty or chasing my kids down with a bottle of sunscreen in hand. I love the beautiful colors of the leaves and the sunsets. I love the foods of fall, especially anything apple or pumpkin. I love all the family activities and traditions of fall. *sigh* I just love the feeling I get knowing that fall is here! It brings a smile to my face!

In celebration we are having a small Fall Fiesta this evening! I am making Harvest Inspired Tacos. I am combining shredded pork, sweet potatoes, corn and black beans in my own recipe of sorts and topping it with this recipe for Spicy Mexican Slaw with Lime and Cilantro from Kalyn's Kitchen. I have never made these before, but they sound yummy and oh-so-fall-appropriate!

Happy first official day of Fall!  I hope you enjoy some fun fall activities this weekend!


  1. Fall is absolutely the best season! I'm so glad to be rid of the blistering heat! Thanks for following me. I'm following you back!

  2. Oh my goodness girl, those tacos sound DIVINE! I may just have to whip some up myself!

    Thanks for following me,looking forward to following you back!


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