Fall Bucket List: Apple Picking

In a previous post I introduced my fall bucket list. This past weekend we did one of the things on the list I was most excited about, apple picking. It has been a tradition for us to go to a specific U-pick farm and leave with as many apples as we can carry, a gallon jug of apple cider (which is definitely gone in a few days. We love it what can I say?) and some fry-cake donuts. This solidifies for me the fact that it is fall. I look forward to this every year. I typically spend as much time snapping pictures as picking apples. I realized while we were there this year that we actually have unintentionally gone around the same weekend in September for the past four years. When we came home I had to look at the pictures and was struck my some of the simularities. Here are some pictures that track the growth and changes of our family the past four seasons.


19 weeks pregnant with Hayleigh, a week before we found out she was a GIRL!



17 weeks pregnant with Braxton, a couple days before we found out he was a BOY!


Happy 7 month birthday  B-Boy!


  1. LOVE IT! I can't believe how much has changed... love you and your sweet family!

  2. So cool that you have all those photos!! I about teared up!! Your children are adorable...that little man...he looks like a good snuggler!! I love the meaning of your blog title!! And I'm glad we both enjoy Dancing with the Stars!! It's fun! {I'm rooting for Rikki Lake this go round!} But most importantly I'm excited we are sisters in Christ!! ☺
    Looking forward to getting to know ya!!

  3. What a great idea to have a seasonal "bucket list"! Lately I feel like time just slips away with the kids and we rarely get around to doing all the things we want to. Maybe I should make an actual list :) Adorable pics!


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