Countdown to Fall: 4 days! {diy apothecary jars and fillers}

So I jumped on the DIY Apothecary Jar Bandwagon! (Yes, it is a real thing ,and I recommend joining me and jumping on as well.) All I did was make these by using glass candlesticks and glass vases from the dollar store!  I just glued the vases on top of the candlesticks (obviously), and gave myself a pat on the back for my sweet looking $6 creations.
As far as the fillers for two of the apothecary jars I used an idea I had seen on pinterest. I bought some Styrofoam balls and thumb tacks. I spray painted the thumb tacks and then stuck them into the Styrofoam balls for a fun textured look. This required a lot more thumb tacks than I had originally planned on so I only had enough for 3 balls. (If you make these plan on about 100 thumb tacks per 2 inch Styrofoam ball.) I also used some pumpkin shaped fillers and some potpourri fillers that I had laying around.
For the third apothecary jar I filled it with hazelnut flavored coffee beans and a chocolate scented candle. The scent is delicious. Unfortunately though it has left me craving sweets all day. Hmmmm. I may have to rethink this! 
My challenge is now to find a good place to put them where they are safe from grabby hands, flying balls and jumping-bean kiddos! Oh, how I wish that our plaster walls would allow the wall shelves to support their weight! I will have to settle for the next-best spot, which is fine because I don't need broken glass shards in anyone's feet...or heads. No more emergency room trips for a while, please!

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  1. Love these! I've been on that gluing Dollar Store glass together bandwagon for awhile, can't beat the cheap thrill. LOVE the thumbtack balls, I've been collecting them with just this project in mind. The blue really makes them pop!

  2. Pinning these and I'll be trying this SOON :)


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