Countdown to Fall: 3 days! {Fall Snack Mix}

You know you are a T.V. addict when...
Last night there were premieres of three of my favorite shows in the same time slot! Yikes! And to top it the Giants were playing in Monday Night Football so Peter wanted to watch that too. It took some arguing compromising and planning but we came up with a plan! We watched How I Met Your Mother, dvr-ed The Sing Off to watch tonight, are watching the replay of Dancing with the Stars, and he tuned in late to his game. Phew! So now that we have my T.V. obsession revealed it is time to take a took at the yummy snack we have planned as we watch last night's shows tonight!

It contains:
Pretzel sticks
Life Cereal (which was originally Chex but the first time I made this last year Peter bought Life by mistake and we like it better)
Candy Corn
Dried Apples
Kettle Corn
Reeses Pieces
Dried Cranberries

 I sprinkle cinnamon on top.
I honestly don't do measurements; I just toss stuff in the bowl and eat by the handful! Now off to join my hubby on the couch! Enjoy the premiere week!

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