Countdown to Fall: 2 days! {Shoe Clips}

The journey to this project started out on a slightly different path than where it ended up. My plan was to revive a boring pair of flats with some fun painted-on stripes and fabric flower shoe clips. It is not that I did not hold up my end of the deal. I did paint the stripes. The problem was....well just about everything with the stripes was a problem. They actually resembled duct tape on my flats.  I have a friend who in high school used to say that duct tape was the solution to every problem. He actually had sandals covered in the stuff. (No, I don't think he was the previous owner of my English textbook.) While I might take his advice on some things, fashion is not one of them, so the duct tape-esque shoes had to go.

I was not easily discouraged though. I decided to spray paint them all over in a sage color. Another disaster. I think somewhere between all the coats of paint and primer my shoes gave up the fight and just died, and with them my aspirations of a one-of-a-kind, do-it-myself shoe. I wasn't going to give up on the shoe clips though! I love the idea of being able to change out shoe clips with different outfits and seasons. For me, these bad-boys scream fall. I enjoy purple and orange as a combination and think these add just the right pizazz to my old flats.

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  1. Isn't it sad when things don't quite turn out how we'd hoped. I love the clips though :-)


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