Countdown to Fall: 1 day!! {Bucket List}

A friend showed me this, (well actually @ mentioned me on pinterest). hehe

I just love it! I love the idea of a Bucket List in general, but I also love the things on this list. I am such an insane list maker. I had a Bucket List of sorts in my head already, but I thoroughly enjoy the idea of putting it on paper. This way I can both hold myself accountable and feel victoriously productive as I check things off! I was sitting down here to make my own list and found that almost everything I was writing down was already on this list. So, with a fear of coming off as lacking individuality and creativity, I am going to use this Fall Bucket List. Since Fall is so short around here, as in it is snowing by mid November, I better get cranking! Without even planning on it Hayleigh and I already tackled two of these things this week. We made leaf art and baked fall cookies! Go us! So now my question is, is anyone going to join me on this? (You 5 readers out I would love to hear of people's Fall adventures! I am siked to make 2011 the best Fall yet!

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