Now we are DC Talk-ing!

Isn't it funny how a certain smell or sound can be so powerful as to take you back to a different place and time? I had that happen to me twice, just yesterday. The first time was when I opened our new container of wipes. We usually buy Wegman's wipes, but this time we got Target ones. Their scent instantly transported me to last summer's vacation in Ocean City, NJ. This was one of the only other times we have purchased Target wipes. Suddenly I could almost hear the waves crashing and feel the grains of sand between my toes (and just about everywhere else as well...picture stripping and  hosing down a sand-caked eighteen month old Hayleigh). I could almost feel the warmth of the sun and smiles we shared that week. I felt instantly peaceful, serene, rested...sigh.

And then I looked down at the poopy diaper in front of me and snapped back to reality.

The second time, Hayleigh, Braxton and I were dancing together in the living room. This is one of our favorite things to do. Hayleigh and I come up with the silliest, craziest dance moves we can while Braxton usually sits there and laughs at us. I am sure he is not the only one laughing. I often wonder what the neighbors may think as they look in the windows and see me busting my moves. As we were dancing to one of our cable music channels and old DC Talk song came on. It was "In the light" and this song first came out in 1995. As I danced there belting out the lyrics I was transported for a second time that day. This time I was back in a mini-van on a youth group trip. I was sitting next to a much younger, chubbier, brace-faced Peter. (I am not being mean. He would be the first to say it. Well, maybe Bob, John or I would beat him to it.) And I wasn't any better.

Emily, put down the crimper and step away slowly. Oh, and while you are at it, pick up a pair of tweezers.
Beside us on the bench seat of the fifteen passenger van are Bob Karr, Matt Brady, John McIyntire, and Dan Boehm. These guys comprised most of the groomsmen in our bridal party. Man, could they "harmonize" this song! It was a sight to behold! (And speaking of sight to behold, check out these lovelies!)


I found myself trying to sing all the parts myself yesterday. I secretly hoped that another DC Talk song would come on next so I could try to rival Bob rapping all the lyrics too. I don't have any pictures from  that specific youth trip that I was remembering but I do have some from a more recent one in 2006. DC Talk was definitely still present for this trip as well.

So, thanks to some cheap wipes and music on shuffle I took two mini trips back in time yesterday. And thanks, to some grainy and slightly embarrassing photos now you were able to as well!

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