Craft-ease: Yarn Wreath

Although I am not an expert crafter by any means I do enjoy creating things. Since finding the website pinterest my mind has been spinning with inspiration and ideas for things that I cannot wait to try. I have found that the main reason why I do not create more (other than lack of time) is my own fear. I fear that something I make will be a flop, won't look at all the way I envisioned it, that I will start it and never finish it, etc. The truth is when I am able to get past my fear of failure and my self-criticism I really do enjoy creating things. It is therapeutic for me. That is why I am going to start a new "post theme": Craft-Ease. I am hoping that it inspires me and holds me accountable to continue creating things despite my fears of imperfection. And since this blog is my creative outlet, what better place to document my attempts and adventures?
My rules for my new theme are that first and foremost I pick something I will enjoy creating, whether it be for me and my home or as a gift for someone else. It has to be fun. Also, budget is always an issue for me so the craft has to be frugal. Since I am a stay at home mom, babysit part time and take classes online I don't have a ton of time for creating. I do not want this to stop me though so the crafts have to be relatively simple and fast (as in can be completed in a few nap times). Last but not least I vow to try to see the beauty in my craft's imperfections, so for the sake of alliteration, the crafts will be fabulous.
So for my first "Craft-ease" post here is a Yarn Wreath that I made for our living room. I was inspired by one I saw for sale on Etsy.

I originally planned on hanging it on our front door, but it did not fit very well between the door and the screen. Oh well. At least I made it in colors that match our living room which I recently "re-did" (as much as you really can in a rental house.)
I started with a straw wreath form. I left the plastic wrap on so that the straw didn't cause me issues peeking through the yarn. The process of yarn wrapping was easy but a little more tedious than I thought, especially wrapping the "G" (which is just a cardboard letter from Joann's). I then glued on felt and fabric flowers that I made. The felt rosette tutorial is here and the Yo-yo flower tutorial I used is here. I also glued on a couple fun buttons from Hobby Lobby and an embroidery hoop with some leftover fabric. Here it is in our living room.

Also hanging up is some wall art I made a couple of months ago. I used an old frame that I had hanging in our bedroom and covered the existing art with fabric. Then I made a "key to my heart" shape out of old buttons, scrapbooking embellishments, and odds and ends from around the house which I spray-painted white.

I am pretty happy with how our living room is looking, and for my first yarn wreath I am also relatively happy with how this first "Craft-ease" creation turned out, not perfect, but that is okay!


  1. How much did the wreath cost to make?

  2. Here is the cost round-up!
    Form: $3
    yarn: I spent $6-7 but only used about a third so $2
    letter: $1
    embroidary hoop: $1.50
    felt: .50
    and I had all the fabric, buttons and glue already so the total was about $8.

  3. That wreath is great and that 'key to my heart' that you made is so awesome! It doesn't look like you're having any crafting fails this week!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you come back! I'm following you now!

  4. This is all so pretty! I'm loving it! Thanks so much for linking it up to my {re}create into something new blog party! Hope to see you next week for some more awe inspiring transformations!

    Kaitlin--The Not So Simple Housewife


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