Beating the Heat with Cuteness (and a couple pools)

This past week was a scorcher! Thank goodness my in-laws had an old air conditioner window unit lying around. We snatched that up and it made our lives a lot more pleasant. Peter and I tend to be grumpy when we are hot (or hungry, or tired) so the air may have saved us some couples' therapy. We also got Hayleigh a little kiddie pool for the back yard. My parents live two minutes away and have an amazing deck and inground pool, but we needed something for our house during the day. In the evenings we took full advantage of my parent's pool. The kids loved it! Hayleigh tends to be a little wary and sometimes we have to lovingly force things on her, for her own good. This includes getting past the fear of merry-go-rounds, amusement park rides and also the pool. Once she gets on a ride or in the pool she never looks back and has lots of fun.This past week she finally got over her fear of jumping in the pool. She was "1, 2, 3 jumping!" so many times our arms got tired from hoisting her back up to the side to jump again. She also practiced swimming (kicking, paddling and drinking about a gallon of water and maybe a few floating leaves).

Braxton is already showing how different he is from his sister. He loves the water, no hesitation, no tears! In fact he had us all laughing because when you hold his hands he puts his feet up, reclines and does a back float all on his own. He was so chill. It was hysterical!  

In more efforts to beat the heat, Hayleigh and I made popsicles. I cut up various fruits and then filled paper cups with apple juice, since it is somewhat transparent. She put the fruit in. When they were done we tore the cups off and had a pretty and yummy treat. I did not take any pictures of the result, which I regret. But Hayleigh loved making and eating them.

This weekend my big boy also turned 5 months old! He is such a blessing and joy in our lives. It is so fun to watch his little personality emerging more and more. He is incredibly happy, interactive and lovey. He has already started grabbing my face with both hands and sucking smooching on my lips. I love every slobbery second of it!

If it is going to be almost 100 degrees at least I have these cute people to sweat it out with!

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