No sugar, better sugar, and celebrating my sweet husband

So this is my first post! I was not sure what to write about but since Peter is probably the only one reading this, and since this past weekend was both his 25th birthday and Father's Day, it seems fitting to write about that. Being that his birthday was on Friday he took a vacation day from work and we had a much needed family day. Hayleigh and I were going to make a Funfetti cake from scratch for him in the morning (yes, my husband is 25 going on 5), but after I got all the ingredients out and we were starting, I realized I did not have enough sugar, figures. (He ended up eating a much yummier dessert later on anyway.) Later in the day we went to a playground and also for a walk along the canal. It was a really beautiful day, made even more beautiful by the fact that the four of us got to spend it together.

This is the best we could get.

In the evening Peter and I had a take-out picnic with an Outback gift card. Since it was his 25th birthday I made him a list of 25 of my favorite memories involving the two of us. The list was really fun to make and even more fun to talk about over dinner. We have had some pretty great times together! We also used a gift card at Cheesecake factory for dessert which my mom had laying around. She gave it to us when I mentioned the birthday cake disaster from earlier in the day. ( I have a great Momma!) We got Lemon Raspberry, which was possibly one of the most delicious things I have ever had. Yay gift cards and yay for running out of sugar!

Sunday was Father's Day. This day has extra-special meaning for us because it was on Father's Day three years ago that we found out (surprise!) we were pregnant with Hayleigh. This year we spent it hanging out with both sides of our family on my parent's deck which was really nice. It is rare to get all the siblings together with work schedules but we were able to do it minus Peter's brother Matt and his wife Christina who live out of town. Hayleigh made Peter a hand print tree for Father's Day to hang in his cube at work. She also made a present in her class at church but is yet to give it to him because she insists it is hers because it says her name on it. Ay, two year olds.

Daddy kid picture take 2: also a fail.

Going along with what seems to be a theme of the weekend, cheesecake, I made a Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. I had never made a full size cheesecake before so I was pretty nervous. But I must say it turned out pretty good. There was no sticking to the pan and it was not short on flavor. Considering I mixed it while holding a cranky Braxton in one arm it may not have been short on drool either (kidding). Here is the recipe. I made the crust a bit thicker and also added more Raspberries than it called for.

Here are some Grandfather and kid photos. I realized I did not have many of Hayleigh from the day and the ones I did have she was doing her best to run out of the frame. So, here is my drooly, chubby, lovable almost 4 month old boy with his Papa and his Pop, two great dads themselves!

What a wonderful weekend it was celebrating the man in our lives. I am so grateful to have a husband who never leaves me doubting his love, faithfulness and work ethic. He is a godly example of a man who desires to provide and care for his family. I can always count on him to be a help, encouragement and friend to me. He adores our kids and I love watching how he interacts with them. Happy Father's Day and Happy 25th birthday again, Peter. I am excited to see what the next 25 years bring! I love you.

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